About the Group


YES is a group that was developed from the Youth Symposium sponsored by JCYF in 2016. 

From the initial Youth Symposium the following name was created for the group:

Youth Empowerment System

 YES! We can…

  1. Make positive choices
  2. Make positive changes
  3. Make a difference to improve the quality of life for all Jennings County youth.

Guiding Team sub groups: (Long term Guiding Team)

  1. Crisis:  housing/food (Colleen Malone, Cheri Massey)
  2. Youth Development (LeAna Matern, school groups)
  3. Mental/Physical (Diana Gray, DATF members)
  4. Social Multipurpose (Kate Eder, FFA, Angee Leeds, Dan Wright, Mike Ochs, Howard Jones)
  5. Communication (Kate Eder)  

The group may be reached at JenningsYES@gmail.com

The overall purpose of YES is to develop a community collaborative focused on youth programming to provide a means of exchanging information, sharing resources, encouraging partnerships, and promoting community services.