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How to Get a Boys & Girls Club

The 10 Steps

1. Spread the word

2. Contact service center

3. Organize steering committee

4. Conduct Community Readiness Assessment

5. Develop Management Operating Agreement

6. Organize Unit Advisory Council

7. Secure location

8. Determine the costs (property acquisition, facility construction, facility operations)

9. Raise the funds

10. Recruit director that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

Meet Andre Arrington our Boys & Girls Club liaison. He is helping us through this process.

Meet Andre Arrington our Boys & Girls Club liaison. He is helping us through this process.

Our Roadmap to Success

Boys and Girls Club Plan

How It Began

 JCYF with the collaboration of local youth organizations could be the hub for out-of-school social life for youth in Jennings County. The Jennings County Youth Foundation finds itself on the brink of organizational growth and development. With sufficient increases in philanthropic support, the foundation has the potential to emerge as an innovator among organizations offering youth based programs to the Jennings County community. Take a stand for the youth of Jennings County and join our efforts. Donate now!

JCYF decided to pursue the option of obtaining a Boys and Girls club for Jennings County. It is the logical and most practical option yet still involves obtaining a building and property either repurposing or building new.  

Boys and Girls clubs are located in the surrounding counties of Jefferson, Jackson, and Bartholomew. 

Official conversations with the Boys and Girls club started in 2011. As stated in the board minutes "Danny Schiller had the privilege of conversing with the Mr. Kime who is the assistant director of the Columbus Foundation For Youth. He has invited the BOD to visit the site in Columbus and commended the Jennings county Youth Foundation BOD for their efforts."

JCYF plans to mirror the structure of the Columbus Foundation For Youth in overseeing the future youth center aka Boys and Girls club as one of many options for the youth of Jennings County.

Also in 2011, board members, Kelly Hatton and Jen Baldwin toured the Jackson County facility and learned about their new teen volunteer mentoring program which included a special area just for teens.

In addition, board members Kelly Hatton and Sunshine Galliher have personal experience with the Jefferson County facility. They received a tour of the facility during the registration process for their children in 2010.

Boys & Girls Club

Learn more about the Boys & Girls Club of America.

Initial Research

Here you can find more specific details about our plans to build a youth center in Jennings County.

JCYF Location Research Details (pdf)


JCYF Steps So Far To BGC (pdf)


Cost For BGC (pdf)


Youth Center Building Fund (pdf)


Boys & Girls Club Location

Over the years, JCYF has conducted extensive research to find a suitable location for a youth center in Jennings County. To view the details of our research click on the links above.

We are currently in the process of speaking with people about properties. We will update this section when more information is available.

Cost for a Boys & Girls Club

Cost for BGC


Building size and costs are dependent on the number of youth served, community support, and available land. We are working on acquiring land and getting an estimate for the cost of building the Boys & Girls Club

Youth Center Building Fund


You can make a donation to help us reach our goal to get a Boys & Girls Club in Jennings County online or you can download our brochure and send the payment to our office. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Community Assessment

2015 Survey Results


Nearly 86% of the adults feel there are not enough adequate and affordable programs for the youth in Jennings County while 64% of the youth feel that there are plenty of opportunities.

Both groups agree though that they would like to see more academic- i.e. tutoring, reading, learning, and college prep (68% adults and 45% youth) and music or arts programs (62% adults and 45% youth).

They also agree that the community needs a centralized location for these programs and services (86% adults and 80% youth). Of the 246 youth that responded 50% gave detailed reasons why:

“A youth center with mentoring would help a lot of at risk youth and prevent crime.”

“Something productive for the youth of this community to have access to is necessary for the growth and betterment of the community as a whole that we all desire.”

“Jennings County needs a centralized youth center to help keep kids busy after school and to help make future resumes look nice with after school activities.”

“Our county is the only one in southern Indiana without a youth center, or boys and girls club or YMCA.”